About Dr. Satsangi’s Clinic

DSC03412Dr. Satsangi’s Wellness Clinic is a not-for-profit medical practice dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of virtually every type of chronic and complex illness, it is elegantly situated in clean surroundings at Indias cultural heart ‘Lucknow’ providing state of art expertise in homoeopathic health care. Our staff members work together to meet your needs. You will see as many doctors, specialists and other health care professionals as needed to provide comprehensive diagnosis, understandable answers and effective treatment with concerted vision for ‘creating excellence in homoeopathic health care, exemplifying revolutionary benchmarking for complimentary health care systems’.

Dr. Satsangi’s Wellness Clinic is unique podium for people airing there queries and opinion about their disease/sickness and those individual disease languages that are unique to people who may or may not be suffering from organ changes or terminal disorders, though such things have no mention in conventional text books, here are the medical concepts and homoeopathy therapeutics that shall keep itself upgrading/augmenting and enriching itself involving pioneering innovations in homoeopathic approaches/learning from the treatment experience of teaming thousands who reach us every minute and every hour. We aim to provide patients with best, up to date and evidence based information, thriving on the principles of efficacy based clinical excerpts taken from our doctors rich clinical practice and their documented recoveries.


Life at Dr.  Satsangi’s Clinic

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