Puffy Eyes & Dark Circles Reduction


Puffy eyes an ageing sign ,dark circles is fatigued and undernourished sign may trouble beauty conscious person alone or together , sometimes comes prematurely or with age or with diseases such as contact& squamous blepharitis ,inadequate sleep & stress, computer &prolonged tv watching, stress &strain,sinusitis,periorbital neuralgia &refractive errors eyes etc , such condition requires internal homoepathy medicines , external plant extract wash and various non invasive therapies specially ‘inhouse depuffing plant extract spray’’ and bio-light therapies ‘ in combination, they are use by our therapeutics and experienced persons.


Anemia & protein loss skin & eye infection itching&allergies hyperthyroidism sinusitis & eyestrain poor sleep & crying trauma &edema stress& night watching acne &styes senility

Treatment –

At dr .satsangis proper clinical examination , blood reports assessment and meticulous diagnosis are key to successful treatment with expected results.

Once diagnosis is clear for the reason , internal medicines together with external spray and paste , tissue salts , dietary management , exercises ,sleep hygiene together with various therapies is advised .
All of which are out patient procedures and takes minimum time and effort , patient contnue office or parties just after sittings.Most of the cases are managed well and with optimum to absolute recovery depending upon their compliance and associated conditions .