Non surgical face lifting (NSFL)

image4Non surgical face lifting(NSFL) – cosmetic surgeon do face liftings treatments by use of surgical procedures and tissue dissolver , whereby skin tightness and skin revival is achieved, Without knowing about alternatives, many women&men undergo extensive cosmetic surgery and other painful alternatives…Thinking it the only solution… Only to find later, that there are many alternative’s that work equally as well… with out the pain and expense.

Ours is meant for wrinkles reduction,vertical lip line and nasolabila folds furrows , mental line and crow feet reduction ,this also enhances cheek defination as well as lips contour and volume .use of plant extracts in form of 1/10nth dilutions mixed with pure distilled water ,once sprayed on face left for 10minutes in 1 to 3 successions , if require warm wind blower used inter mixed together with healing red and blue light facial steamer helps in gentle infusion of applied materials deep into dermis and allowing their primary and secondary actions to resurface in form of gradual enhancement of skin texture and looks , this makes one sitting , abosolutely a safe opd procedures involing minimum time and expenditure giving results akin to cosmetic facial surgeries , so is the name taken from cosmetology , there is nothing like surgical lifting or use of any invasive procedures .

Perma homoe-masking –

For skin rejuvenation,skin texture improvement , reduction of hyperpigmentation ,freckles and moles enhancing overall fairness of skin,different biochemic salts in different decimal potencies are used with distilled water or rose water and mixed with diluted plant extract , used at home or inside the clinic in form of paste applied for 5-15 minutes .such application may be done 5-10times every month for better results , they are absolutely safe , at times they me counterindicated on dry and wrinkly skin ,any kind of skin allergy is also counter indicated .

Bio-light treatment –

~ Deep Purification, reducing wrinkles , improving blood circulations, boosting collagen formation , anti acne , regenerating skin totally , red light used enhances collagen formation, blue light kills excess bacteria and yeast reducing oiliness and pigmentation this Therapy is non-invasive, non-ablative and completely non-thermal. There is no pain, no downtime and no side effects, 8-15 minutes for each sitting and this may be combined with masking sprays .