Treatment at Dr. Satsangis

Depending on the age of the patient, the psychological strain, the location, the body surface area involved, and the disease activity, several conservative which includes homoeopathic  may be significantly  successful. How long the induced repigmentation remains and the effect of the available therapeutic options on the natural history of vitiligo varies  and depend upon time duration, individual reaction, sensitivities , allergies  and genetic predisposition combined known as x-factor for the treatment or may be summed in more familiar term’idiosyncrasies’  , depending upon x factor various strategies are adapted at dr satsangis centre , as per homoeopathy therapeutics case treated  on initial primary action  and finally on secondary action of medicines , thus homoeo medicines selected belongs to 4 classes- a-clinical selected medicines -having affinity to particular organ system and disease manifestation, B-second mother tinctures/lowe potencies on mild local /primary action by 1/10diltuions which are known as mother tincture which are given orally as well as applied  and C-third the miasmatic remedy/nosodes  depending upon the predisposition as well as family /personal history and D-4th most important which is done through proper homoeopathy selection depending upon complete as well as PQRSS based presentation  which is ‘similimum’ or ‘selected homoeopathy remedy’ repeated stricty upon kents 12 prescribing principles this pushes case towards internal treatment which in homoeopathy is based upon ‘hering law of cure’  , an assumption by one the homoeopathy stalwarts herings believed  the internal cure of any malady will follow 3 directions  ie from above down, from inside to without  and from more important organ to least specific one.with each 4 of the remedy in action it is patients individulal susceptibilities , environment , temprement as well as indiosyncrasies decides the quickness and sluggishness of action, in combined we may call particular ‘x-factor’ will decide the reaction and responses . Based upon above principle .,some people shows excellent  responses , their x factor is considered conducive for the treatment, some have ‘sluggish x factor ‘ shows slow response , some may have ‘partial’ x factor  who shows limited  and unstable response .we suggest patient to visit and get complete homoeopathic picture and clinical datas to be collected by our experts ..


We  have excellent response compared with other treatment modalities , 8 out of 10 patients starts showing 2 signs of recovery in first 3-11months  1-stability of patch  2 appearence of white starky patch to pink or offwhite  with appearance of small blackish pigmentation.our treatment protocol may require locking time of 5 yrs minimum  for most of the case between 5-15yrs age with less then 10% body involvement , more the age of patient less are the results  and more will be time consumed , diabetic association /  impaired fasting blood sugar is the contraindication for good prognosis  such case may not show improvement perhaps case observed progresses.


.Disclaimer-Dr satsangis content or forum  can not take any responsibility for any adverse effects information withour proper supervision  of a qualified doctor . Always seek advice from a professional before using a medical advise medicinally