Aesthetic homoeopathy


Homoeopathic masking are meant to give alternatives to cosmetic facial surgeries, homoeopathy from time immemorial has been helping people for blemishes/hyper pigmentation/wrinkles/warts/long and ugly scars /pale and dirty skin, abnormal growths ,various biochemic salts and homoeopathic medicines orally will constitute treatment regimen-we are working with people and doctors and will bring down this for people at large in near future.

Permanent Homoeopathic Masking

Permanent homoeopathic masking are categories of – treatment helping tissue rejuvenation by rehydration, decrease in apoptotic and free radical injury at skin level, maintaining skin turgidity and resilience, starting with individually designed masking patterns local biochemic facial masks and herbs use, reiki and homoeopathy, we are working with ‘perma skin tightening’ masks in aged individual for removing wrinkles, decreasing surgical scars, post inflammatory pits and scars through, ‘depigmento masking’ will help to clear post inflammatory skin darkening, hormonal hypermelanosis, actinic lesions with hyper pigmentation, post atopic or acne discoloration.

Rejuvenating masking

Rejuvenating masking for enhancing skin quality both in terms of texture and color by facilitating turgidity and alleviating dryness, removal of dead cells.