Trainee Homoeopathic clinician

Essentials BHMS, above 26yrs below 32yrs


Suitability- Student undergoing internship and those with maximum 2yrs having completed the compulsory internship and registered with state homoeopathic council or central council register.

Essential qualities- student having interest in science ,maintaining fair academics from class viii, possessing special interest in homoeopathic sciences , wanted to create own contribution to homoeopathic practice , ready to learn clinical and therapeutics, wellversed with science of clinical examination and basics of diagnostic criterias need only apply. Probation content- 6months of in-house training of clinical and full reorientation for medical therapeutics including learning of basic guideline of modern medicines and latest approaches in medical field, various contemporary infectious diseases as well as life style disorders, suitable candidate will be kept on stipend with or without provision of accommodation. Once thorough with values and ethics of drsatsangis medical team will be absorbed with suitable remuneration as resident homoeopathic physician.

Medical councellors


Essential qualities- person with ‘out of box’ thought process, knowledge of science with keen interest into yoga, spiritual healing and homoeopathy, if he/she naturally possess the power to belief in own ideology and strong skills to convince someone on what he/she perceives to be true, honest instinct to serve humanity and strong attachment to complementary medical health care.

Role-power to convert distress to eustress, to work with medical team as important player. key educator and role motivator for every one in need.


Preferably with science background, personal interest in medical science, candidates who may serve as client coordinator as well as key interface between patient and medical practitioner. ready to learn, aim to make career with us. Service bond of 2-7yrs once completed necessary probation period of 91days.

Legal consultant

LLB/LLM trained in corporate/intellectual property rights.


Presently organization intends to attach experience legal practitioner part time or as as on work basis. We prefer to hire the services for 12months which will be continued with mutual interest.


Work responsibilities- Making employees work structure framed on statutory labour rules, legal bonds for working partnerships, employee code, sales licensing , trademark or other intellectual property matters of medical organization. ensuring smooth working of organization during crisis where skills of liasioning and legalities may be required.

Finance consultants

Independent CA/ICWA or firms interested to give part-time services for income/sales tax matters, salary slips and charting for minimum wages, coordinating with inhouse accountant. Such parttime services may be paid as on work on basis or may be attached for a period of 12months on annual fees paid quarterly and may be extended further on mutual consent.

Business developer

Experience of successful careers in some local or mnc, had contributed to minimum one success story of the parent company where he/she worked in. MBA, BA/BCom. or any other higher education with business instinct and capacity to speak good hindi and English.


Job responsibilities- making new projects to reorient the strategies related to clinic expansion, advertisement, local tie ups , formulating continuously costeffective modules for clinics business, client multiplication and ensuring high satisfaction score amongst existing client. He/she may be good telecaller and floor manager.


Minimum 1-3 yrs legal bond will be signed on mutual consent.