Dr Satsangis Hair Loss Treatment in Delhi

What is the hair growth cycle?

All hair follicles are replaced at different rates by the normal process of hair cycling. Hair growth alternates between phases of activity and rest. The growth period, called the anagen phase, lasts for two to six years. During this time, the follicle is long and deep, and produces thick, well-pigmented hair. About 90% of all scalp hairs are in the anagen phase at a given time.

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followed by a brief transition known as the catagen phase, which lasts a few weeks. During this time, the base of the follicle shrivels. The resting period, or telogen phase, lasts for two to four months. In this phase, the follicle withers even further. Following the telogen phase, the next anagen phase begins, and the old hair is dislodged and falls out to make room for a new hair to begin growing in its place.

What is the role of 5-alpha reductase in the body?

5-alpha reductase is an enzyme that regulates production of DHT. An enzyme is a protein that acts as a catalyst to speed up a chemical reaction. 5-alpha reductase can be inhibited by specially synthesised drugs (see below).

What role does heredity/genetics play in the male pattern hair loss?

Male pattern hair loss occurs in men who are genetically predisposed to be more sensitive to the effects of DHT. Researchers now believe that the condition can be inherited from either side of the family.


How dr satsangis selected mother tinctures or 1/10 dilutions  will help?

Homoeopathy known for their mild and soothing reaction without having any toxic or side effects ,many mother tinctures specifically from plant kingdom such as Echinacea ang. Rosmarinus off.  Sabadilla , cochleararia  arm.  China offi.  Arnica Montana etc have been quite effective in  lengthening anagen phase , reducing hair  conversion into catagen and overall  decrasing the hair loss and thinning .


How miniturisation decline?

Process of shortening of hair and gradually closing of hair pits is seen in pattern baldness known as miniaturization, well selected homoeopathy medicines and biochemic medicines  helps in declining the rate of miniaturization, quite reversing the premature miniaturization helping both age related baldness as well as male pattern.


How many months to see visible  effects?

For healthy cases where there are no other medical reasons such as vit deficiency, hemoglobin deficiency, hypothyroidism, normal ferritin , non diabetic etc  it take 3-7months to see the visible changes  such as quality and texture related well being , adequate replacement happening , remission of excess hair loss, reduction of seborrhea and dandruff etc


How safe and natural will be treatment?

Homoeopathy medicines , biochemic salts are ultradilution of the said material  from which they are derived hence are free from  chemical  or toxic side effects however they must be taken from qualified Registered homoeopath only .


What are additional  cut edge  therapies besides world class homoeopathy medicines at your centre ?

At dr satsangis , there are introduction of other patient friendly therapies such as SPR,lazor , eletrostimulation ,biolight etc .which helps in attaining the aim faster and safer.


How latest therapies helps in comprehensive recovery?

Together with local application and internal medicines  therapy speeds up the process and make recovery more intensive and goal oriented  without side effects , they give natural and permanent growth.


Dr. Satsangi Hair loss control & Dr.satsangis Non surgical RegrowthTreatment

Hair loss or falling hair with appearance of baldness in male and widening hair partings in female are typical sign one may face ,Apart from this hair thinning , loss of shine and volume with poor texture may add to the hair woes. Hair loss and baldness causes frustration, reduction in confidence and sense of dejection which may cause partial to complete loss of socialization, At one study hair loss and baldness was linked to a persons chances of employability, Thus hair loss or baldness is as important as any other disease to be treated and fixed .With change of time doctors at all levels has understood Hair treatment ‘ as one important medical reality’ treated with utmost expertise and urgency,Thanks to this gesture  ,As a result in last 15 years trichology has emerged as one of the favorite subject for all doctors, Homoeopath or allopath alike.With latest Non invasive and safe technologies dr satsangis clinic lucknow & delhi has taken leaps and bounds in hair loss treatment in Delhi and Lucknow, Using various eco friendly and patient specific therapies  viz Laser light, Meso-therapy, Dermarollers, Photo stimulation with Biolight, stem cell application has resulted into ‘Better hair fall control ,Improvement in hair texture , Return of fullness, reversal on miniaturization & in some cases with telogen effluvium comlete hair regrowth to patient satisfaction has become reality, Dr.satsangis best hair experts team at lucknow & delhi offered unique combination of Natural regrowth parameters giving 98% satisfaction rate in first 3 months of treatment, It is  fast emerging No1 Non surgical natural hair clinics in Lucknow /delhi

Our treatment Know how

Dr. satsangi hair & skin clinics in Delhi and Lucknow  is a  premier institution dedicated since 2007 in the better ment of hair & skin with natural and safe therapies , Scientific homoeopathy & art of using plant extract in form of mother tinctures , Saw palmetto , Echinacea and arbor vitae are few of the extract  which has revolutionized safe  reduction of receding male hair line .

Why we are best?

ans- Dr.satsangi Best clinics for hair & skin in Delhi and Lucknow  offers whole gamut of patient friendly effective hair fall treatment with visible betterment in first 91 days of treatment *,It is only Evidence based clinics which runs on strict scientific protocols of comprehensive diagnosis, As  many blood markers with nutritional analysis of a given case is done , based upon scientific parameters we reach to the root cause of the case ,Once diagnosis is made with thorough investigation it is easy and sure shot recovery for Baldness , right at the root , Best hair doctors, dr satsangi clinics .

Unlike most other chains of clinics, at dr satsangi lucknow /delhi, our senior faculty are directly involved in providing satisfactory result to each and every hair case , hands on involvement in 100% cases has raised our dependability as top hair loss doctors in lucknow delhi , we are most reliable hair & skin brands at lucknow delhi since 2007.

Q.1. What are chances of getting results at dr satsangis hair & skin clinics?

Ans. Dr satsangis hair clinics operates completely upon patient friendly policies , we believe in creating bonds , we nurture relations ,Our 98% patient both for women and male hair loss cases begets visible changes in hair texture , Hair fullness and wellness attributes in first 3 months of following medicines , therapy and dietary compliances *, such results of rising hair fullness is outcome of  thickening of individual hair follicles, cortex consolidation and cuticle repair  with positive thinking emanating on account of “optimum wellness’ index .The results in hair & skin treatment are closely monitored for period of 6-12 months for giving ‘End sustained responses’ even after treatment is stopped, this we call treatment from the root with permanent hair growth results.

Q2- what is science behind Dr.satsangi best hair care?

ans  Dr.satsangi clinics as a best health enterprise delhi/lucknow/mumbai selectively hand picks best medical scholars from premier ‘homoeopathy institutes in India ‘, with hands on training  coupled with art of prescribing and diagnosing the case , it is science which guides the direction of the cure in each case at dr satsangi hair & skin clinics delhi lucknow , all parameters which we follow are transparent and prescription has full description of the case, findings, medical associations reports and finally diagnosis with prognosis, clearly written medicines recipe for documentation  , this is rewritten at each follow up .