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Online consultataion and treatment available for various disorders, unique dynamic patient feedback system shall help Dr. Satsangi’s Wellness Clinic members to have edge over real time doctor visit and clinic checkups done conventionally. the treatment will be special advantage for one who wants immediate on line advise on homoeopathy treatment and immediate doctors attention on acute disorder while on traveling/outstation and anywhere across the globe.

Online treatment advise and second opinion on homoeopathic treatment feasibility before contemplating on invasive approaches, avail open panel discussion on comparative treatment benefits under homoeopathy, to raise your queries and information from our senior consultant click following links closest to your disease condition or organ affected –

    • Various benign growth
    • Warts and cutaneous imperfections
    • Allergic rhinits/nasal stuffles due to polyps/turbinidal hypertrophy/tonsillar enlargement
    • Various osteochondroms (bone or cartilage growth/keloidal growth)
      Post surgical hypertrophic scars with irritation and infections/sinuses and fistulas/boils/mild to severe ulcers (wound)/varicose veins etc.
    • Diabetes mellitus, hyperthyroidism, arthritis, lower back pain and vertebral disc prolapse and so on.

Depiction on different body segment

Eyesight and ocular, neurology/neurological/lungs and respiratory/heart and cardiovascular/blood vessels and vascular system/immunity and lymphoreticular system/skin and integumentary system/kidney/urinary and prostate glands; uterus/ovaries and female organs; primary/secondary infertility and reproductive system ;erectile dysfunctions/male impotence menstrual irregularities and abnormal hair growth in feamles; /hormonal disturbances/polycystic ovarian syndrome and female disorders. Primary and secondary female infertilities. Weight loss/irritable bowel syndrome and gastrointestinal system; body pain and musculoskeletal systems; joint pains/morning stiffness; hair growth and hair loss with skin appendages disorder. Tinnitus/intractable vertigo and disturbances in audibility with ear diseases./ Mouth breathing and enlarged lymph nodes; /gums/teeth and masticatory apparatus. attention deficits/behavioral disorders in children/pain and cramps/numbness with neuropathic changes.
various acute states like conjuinctivitis/ear pain/fever and influenza.

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