Operational Philosophy

Dr. Satsangi’s Wellness Clinic is continually evolving patient care concept intend to exemplify the highest values of medicine primarily based on applied scientific logics of clinical medicines and homoeopathy.


All treatment, advises and consultations are based on the gist of therapeutics and applied clinicals derived and learnt from rich homoeopathic practice carried by our consultants across Indian subcontinent
Undone in Dr. Satsangi’s Wellness Clinic are the aspiration of endless improvement encompassing paradigm shift on outlook of how scientific community as well as people across the globe perceives their right to health and ways to overcome sickness.


We believe in individual empowerment of all patients in competing against disease and negative influences, its so called complications and by charging them with knowledge and prompting them to actively participate in weeding out such morbific influences, we consultants are of the opinion that disease is nothing but challenge in disguise posed by mother earth to help process of evolution and evolving of successful species or survival of the fittest, thus any disease process is to be considered as a individual struggle and whereby everyone has full potentials of fighting individually, we at Dr. Satsangi’s Wellness Clinic will only support your internal energies and vitality during in tense periods of struggle and crisis.
We shall help u to fight and compete with disease maintaining your very individual freedom to do so, and help in making your life highly efficient and less prone to be tarnished by seasonal influences and common infections.