Perma warts & moles reduction

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Warts , moles (massa) responds well to homoeopathy , local application as well as internal medicines helps in controlling from inside completely and permanently, Skin blackening /Hyperpigmentation-.sometimes they be allergies to consmetic use , sometimes a drug induced lentigo simplex, freckles and pigmented nevis contributes in overall blemishes on skin, dr satsangis clinic offers a full gamut of healing therapies for such skin,from ‘safe plant extract sprays to extra fine biochemic salt combination’ are used with inhouse face homoeo-face* lifting techniques unique to us , use of modern non invasive beauty equipment such as LED and biolight enhances overall recovery.

Treating hyperpigmentation- also call hypermelanosis ,sometimes other skin abnormalities like freckles, atopic eczema ,contact dermatitis ,actinic dermatoses, drug reactions, pregnancy, hormonal treatment and disturbances are the spoiling agent together with peri orbital(around eyes) blackening .we offer safe and patient friendly non invasive natural therapies to give permanent and reliable results .
or 1/10nth dilution in aqua or purified spirit aqua diluted .