Pigmentation Reduction

Lost texture and glow is the sign of ageing as well as diseased conditon, various factors such as skin allergies to sunlight or certeain creams ,stress, environmental pollution, poor diet ,vitamin and mineral poor nutrition,excess use of sunscreen,foundations and makeup cosmetics etc causes premature darkness, pigmentation and sagging , our advanced and augmented homoeo biochemic regime together with proper nutritional support and local phytotherapy helps in regaining the lost glow and confidence.




using phytotherapy ( 1/10nth plant extract ) based upon 15yrs of clinical experience of our doctors helps in Deep Purification, reducing wrinkles AND SAGGING , improving blood circulations, boosting collagen formation , reducing pigmentation , regenerating skin totally , use of light therapy which is safe and effective through which red light used enhances collagen formation, blue light kills excess bacteria and yeast reducing oiliness and pigmentation ,this Therapy is non-invasive, non-ablative and completely non-thermal. There is no pain, no downtime and no side effects, 8-15 minutes for each sitting and this may be combined with masking sprays