Psoriasis Treatment in Delhi and Lucknow

Psoriasis is chronic inflammatory autoimmune  skin disease involving deeper tissues such as connective meshwork and joints , nails etc ,It is  hallmarked by thickened skin in form of silvery fish like scales which on rubbing or cleaning results into round red patch , this may gradually involve whole body or  in some cases limited to scalp, soles , palms etc where is it known as localized psoriasis .

Dr.satsangi psoriasis Elaborating on its origin as psycho-somatic  ,Hold opinion that the  causal factor for psoriasis  remains elusive but pathology is elaborate ,keratinization with reduction of skin shedding cycle,increased blood circulation,sterile pus bead collection etc are normal finding.

Koebners phenomenon, auspitz sign are two common clinical terms related with psoriasis diagnosis,Trauma  or scratch may lead to spread or formation of psoriasis patch in people suffering from psoriasis, Being autoimmune in origin all destructive and disease pathology may be explained by autoimmune inflammatory reactions .

Dr. Satsangi’s Clinic is the best Psoriasis treatment in Delhi, Lucknow and Mumbai  ,their concerted approach taking the life style causes , occupational areas  addictive habits and concurrent illness enables  holistic recovery in psoriasis and chronic skin diseases  such as Lichen planus , contact dermatitis , atopic eczema ,White patch or vitiligo,Our ‘Perma homoeopathic  psoriasis Regimen  takes into consideration of psycho somatic factor  specially stress and life style which in majority of cases is precipitating factor, Controlling emotional upheaval by comprehensive homoeo-Yoga approach help patient to ward tough situation met with in chronic aggressive psoriasis , Dietary factors  analysis and close upkeep help our ‘Best psoriasis doctor team’ at dr satsangis to make 360 degree changes in life space of a person ,safe homeopathy medicines ensures gentle and permanent skin recovery.

Our clinical approach in psoriasis Treatment

Since Psoriasis is a chronic disease, it is treated at dr satsangis psoriasis centre  using a systematized therapeutics –

  1. Nosode: Under this, a detailed analysis of individual’s condition is noted down jotting down the base of his family tree and the disease pattern.
  2. Mother tinctures: under this stage, low potency medicines are provide to the patient to treat or soothe the itching, irritation or burning sensations.
  3. Clinical Remedy: Under this stage, clinical treatments are provided by the experts to put a bar on the growing symptoms.
  4. Similimum: This is the final stage wherein patient is provided with the effective cure treatment following his daily routine and necessary precautions asked from him.

Why Dr satsangis boast of top doctors in psoriasis treatment and autoimmune diseases?

Simply We offer the best care and medication course  to the patients suffering from Psoriasis. Our ‘Perma psora Homeo regimen’ is a complete care program Motivating patients to make changes in  individual’s life with improved dietary habits, stress management, exercise schedules and regular clinical treatments. Our Top health care experts at lucknow delhi and mumbai offers Comprehensive  Psoriasis treatment at dr satsangis Hair and skin clinics at lucknow delhi and mumbai ,We are committed to deliver best  medical practices in psoriasis recovery In completely soothing  environment of our multispeciality centres ,Ample empathy and care will make it happen,Witness how Art of medicines is redefined for ensuring  permanent ,safe and natural healing  for psoriasis, vitiligo and arthritis .


Q.1. What are the causes of Psoriasis?

Ans: The main cause of Psoriasis is  immune system, thus it is a a autoimmune disorder, factors such as trauma , stress, throat infections ,diabetes  etc may trigger the  lesions of the psoriasis , in simple layman terms weak immunity may trigger skin eruptions as in psoriasis , fungal infection, boils , itch and vitiligo

Q.2. What are the symptoms of Psoriasis?

Ans: Most common signs and symptoms that claims that you are suffering from Psoriasis are:

  • Red patches of skin followed with scales
  • Dry and cracked skin patches
  • Swollen or stiff joints
  • Sometimes Itching, burning sensations
  • Ridged nails , seronegative arthritis

Q.3. When to consult a doctor?

Ans: Any skin disorder if not responding to regular OTC medications or home recipe will require specialist help,Visit dr satsangis where exhaustive case studies will be done , detailed microscopic  dermascopic findings will be made to actually diagnose psoriasis from rest of similar looking skin conditions , which is very necessary for better treatment care.

q-4 what are common skin conditions resembling psoriasis

ans- This is a good questions , dr satsangis skin team cites few examples that run close to red patch ,they are  Eczematous dermatitis , pompholyx , irritant and atopic eczema , lichen planus , parapsoriasis , tenia corporis or malessizia furfur or fungal dermatoses may resemble psoriasis , only expert and trained medical professional may clearly define and identify the skin lesions. Sometimes more deep autoimmune diseases like lupus or sle  or at times secondary skin lesions of infective diseases may look like psoriasis red patch.

We advise patient to visit our worldclass skin care centre s at delhi lucknow and Mumbai and see the benefits of homoeopathy medicines and natural recovery.