Scope of dr satsangis homoeopathy

Patient suffering  with a disease has different  body attributes or vitality ,a case of psoriasis is no exception, his predisposition to progressive psoriasis results into inception and affliction with psoriasis , such predisposed and altered body state reflects a  set of individually different case symptom picture as  taken by trained homoeopaths .

Predisposition to catch particular disease is known as individual susceptibility,in turn they are represented by  Peculiar ,queer , rare  and strange  physical attributes /features .better the disease picture  more will be the effectivity of the drugs selected in individual treatment regime.

At dr satsangis psoriasis afflicted individual is treated with set of 3-4 medicines used in overall regime prescribed , firstly  a individual disease picture will  indicate the  rationale of group of disease person or his family tree is exposed with (1st degree relatives only) , it is settled by well selected nosode , such afflictions of individual or his family makes base of the disease pattern known miasm.

Primary manifestation of the disease such as itching , irritation, burning or other paraethisaes may be covered by mild low potency  medicines or mother tinctures , based upon their primary actions they soothe the disease condition of the individual and  may act as palliatives , some specific or clinical features of psoriasis indicates specific medicines selection ,these may be  thick plaque , whitish  leathery scales ,skin involvement ,thick scabs on head , bleeding below scabs , scratching relieves or aggravates etc . . b-these are  selected under borad category called pathological/palliatives  or c-clinical remedy and finally with complete  individual exhaustive personality as well as routine highlights a similimum is drawn ,  thus with  dr satsangis  expertise  all set of remedy in action a- nososde  b- mother tincture s and low pothency of medicines   c-clinical remedy   d- similimum for effective cure , together  with these and dictum  based upon experiences of treating 100 of cases individual life style modifications ,dietary patterns , stress management , exercises , use of tissue biochemic salts  helps to manage case easily without side effects unlike in modern day allopathy medicines  which may temporarily suspend or palliate the condition but lesions in majority reverts with vengeance .

Disclaimer- patient are advised to use their reasoning to implement any advises ,and as such above article is not a medical prescription or advise , rather and informative article,all case needs to ve properly diagnosed by respective dermatogists ,severe skin conditions are better managed by qualified specialist ,for chronic cases , we advise prolonged course of homoeopathy regime.