Assumption on which our regimen work- some medicines in tincture form ( 1/10 water extract of roots /stem/flowers/kernel) have been found to effect upon  a Fat-Accumulation Gene  , this  gene as suggested and described in  Nature’s News and Views by Charles Brenneone of the world’s most prestigious scientific publications. Brenner, an expert in NAD metabolism, was asked to summarize and provide insights into new work in which gene-targeting allowed a mouse to resist weight gain on a high fat diet.
Homoeopathy might effect basic tissue fat metabolism targeting  fat dissolution through increased  tissue fat mobilization and consecutive removal through fecal route as well selective fat exclusion in food absorption channels .

It is thought that it  might have been  blocking carbohydrate metabolism and consecutive  fat accumulation etc .

Tailored made diet  nd exercise helps to reduce water retention, fat accumulation  and over all increase in insulin production peak giving mut required vital feeling of well being .


Disclaimer – above view expressed are individual views , they are  proposed to be scientific to the extent of writers purview  and restricted to his ambit of knowledge and experience  , viewers /reader to exercise his/her own discretion to understand or implement excerpts .

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