Skin assessment

At dr satsangis  ,we believe in depth analysis of skin and possible causes which can be  naturally enhanced to achieve skin revival and and tightness,.A consultation may involve use of our skin scanner devise which reveals the current state of your skin. Dr Satsangi Best dermatologist in Delhi for Skin, Top and popular dermatologist in Lucknow city for skin as well.
our  consultations are available to enable a complete analysis, diagnosis and explanation of


We assess your health condition as well as skin conditions through detailed medical history,meticulous analysis of your blood reports , scans if any followed by microscopic scan as well as uv assessment for type of skin , injury, damage , lesions  and basic medical diagnosis there after .

once the consultation n diagnosis is achieved , we begin with different inhousespray and natural medicines ,use of biolight therapy enhances the overall skin performances. Improving signs of hyperpigmentation, fine lines, deep lines, wrinkles, loss of skin density, sun and UV damage, acne scarring and other scars, comedogenic (acne) conditions, stretch marks, enlarged pores and premature aging. NSFL(non surgical face lifting)will increase the penetration of the treatment homecare spray and biolight  over the skin surface  works to create microscopic channels into the dermis of the skin, which stimulates your own body to produce new collagen and allow skin care to be infused deeper into the layers of the skin, making skin tight  and round ,reducing ages by a decade .


  • what concerns you about your skin
  • what is your priority concern and therefore priority treatment
  • what treatment options are available to treat your concerns
  • design a treatment program to address your concerns
  • what subsequent concerns and treatments will follow