Vision & Mission Statement

Dr. Satsangi’s Wellness Clinic envision to empower people to kind of knowledge that shall keep them confident and in command of their psyche and will power during crisis both for themselves and family, we believe in ‘anywhere and anytime’ medical guidance and homoeopathy for instant support and relief, our strong commitment for correct diagnostic criterias and thorough probe into cause and causative sequences, we percieve this as a half way done towards achieving cure,Dr. Satsangi’s Wellness Clinic with expanding benefits and innovations that are dedicated to patients is based upon careful documentation and disease interpretation, finding radical cure by use of Homoeopathy/Diet/Yoga and other self healing complimentary techniques.


In our forum for unconventional inputs on health and disease we invite people to put forward their queries, share their own interpretation of disease, we shall invite people to discuss the potentials of homoeopathy in many pathological conditions as well as life style disorders where they literally feels pushed beyond the wall with present day available treatment options. Our endeavour to bring down positive changes in people life quality index


  • By health promotion through ‘human life quality index enhancement regimens’, decrease in overall morbidity, and creating healthier tommorrow. Come and join us, be rest assure of care and confident expertise.
  • Quality of life trials in clinic setup.


Dr. Satsangi’s Wellness Clinic shall act as primary health care provider for its member and simultaneously act as non profit dossier of information on understanding present medical approaches with alternative therapies and homoeopathy in dealing with sick and sickness, it shall adapt/support and aid the existing modern medical approaches, sometimes acting at subsidiary levels/attimes replacing and in helping eventfree tapering of regular dosages.

Our latest endeavour is focused on finding exciting and pioneering leads to help people and tackle diseases. Today we are committed to develop medical expertise in homoeopathic health care, making it easy for medical community at large to adapt and understand homoeopathy. Reaching to peoplehave no boundaries, helping ailing humankind have no limit even geographical. Committed to science and innovation, values and standards to keep environment healthy and safe.