What dr satsangis clinic do in arthritis

Many pain problems are caused by lack of joint stability, which happens with osteoarthritis or degenerative arthritis.

The joint space is lost by degeneration of cartilage and with the loss of cartilage spaces , abnormal motion develops and strain on joint capsules and ligaments plus irritation of the joint lining occurs,which causes pain and disability.
Even severe arthritis such as bone on bone knee arthritis, in which individuals ( have been told, they need a knee replacement ) can be treated by stabilizing the joints, pain can be improved.
The major focus of the dr satsangis therapy is on cellular and molecular mechanisms of arthritis, musculoskeletal conditions and systemic autoimmune rheumatic diseases and translation of this knowledge into advances in clinical care with tender approached homoeopathy .



We help By stabilizing the joint those structures which are no longer irritated and the pain resolves, this is done by biochemic time tested salts and homoeopathy medicines . Degenerative arthritis in the knee and other joints even with significant worn out cartilage can be helped with regen therapy which is name for special protocols at dr satsangis clinic ,this is based upon expertise and sound homoeopathic Medicines selection based upon clinical presentations and individual disposition as on exhaustive consultation followed by imaging reports(xrays,usg,ct scan etc) probing other unique disabilities like morning stiffness,joint mobility indices and blood markers such as crp/ ser ca / isozyme AP/serum markers for autoimmune arthritis/ESR etc, alkali diet rich in natural vegetable origin antioxidants and calcium sources helps in natural strengthening of the joint cement and controlling the cartilaginous intra capsular destruction. Certain guided manoeuvres which includes proper hand movements, straight line to tandem gaits and regular exercises compliance helps in control of weight ,regaining joint confidence and correction of gait and ultimately better outcome . modified course and minimal residual disabilities expected in most of the cases .
regen homeo therapy stimulate your own bodies healing. There is stimulation of growth factors for growing new connective tissue to strengthen and realign the joints. There is evidence in some studies that cartilage growth can also be re-grown.

for juvenile arthritis –

Once the joint has become inflamed and stiff, damage is done to the joint and the growth of the joint may by changed or impaired.homoeopathy in all stages for juvenile arthritis will be useful , simply due to no side effects and long term disease course, special directed ‘ regen homoeopathy therapy’ at dr satsangis will tenderly take care of young one so that their dependency upon painkillers and heavy dose of antiinflammatories may bed reduced .

Shoulder Pain

There are 4 type of pathology in and around the shoulder in reference to Chronic pain.

1) Rotator cuff tendonitis(due to supraspinatus tendon wekness) responds to regen therapy very well. No other option is there which can treat this condition with such a success rate (in our experience ,no patient return to us or any other physician after getting regen homoeo-therapy for rotator cuff tear).


2) Frozen shoulder needs physical therapy and regen homoeopathy therapy for moderate to major relief during treatment at dr satsangis clinic.

3) Acromioclavicular joint or coracoid process pain syndrome respond well to REGEN HT.

4) Impingement syndrome can treated with regen homoeopathic therapy which includes selected tissue remedy, selected similimum (homoeopathy remedy), miasmatic base with clinical indicated pathological homoeopathy medicines , in proper dosages and combinationbrings best out of homoeopathy treatment .