What we believe

 We believe our clinic is second family to each of our revered patient , here every one knows your name… this a place Where you’re valued and important… Where you’re listened to… Where you can feel at ease in any situation and celebrate your most beautiful years yet… Life’s all about the relationships we have, and the choices we make…When it comes to right kind of treatments and skin care, we believe the very best decisions are informed ones… It’s your right to ask questions… To know what’s going on with your skin, your body… Your right to be educated.Many years ago an astute entrepreneur revealed a secret formula where there are four areas (quality, service, cost  and time) that contribute equally to a customer perception of Value.We  define this as a ‘Value’ is the worth a patients  puts on a therapy or treatment we offer, and it’s what he’s willing invest in . It’s a formula each of us  is trained on, and it’s incorporated into everything we do.

We want to increase Quality and Service in order to raise perceived benefit in the patient’s mind. quality delivered in each case we ensure  it  meets  or exceed specific requirements of the given case at individual level. Perceived service is ab out how well we take care  each of our revered patients –we make sure to keep  our availability, our accuracy , our responsiveness and finally our reliability to maximum on patient expectation.

We want to decrease overall suffering,disability  for given illness in order to raise the health quotient for a given case in time bond manner in relation to the chronicity of case per se . The true cost of a treatment goes far beyond its investment value ,thus our actual mission is to multiply value given to the patient by many times of what was initially perceived,in simple words ‘to commit less but to deliver much more’,.

Time is also measurable. It’s important to always have a sense of urgency when dealing with a patients  whether recovering the illness,annihilating the pain and suffering,returning smiles on ailing face or for that matter  returning a call or or delivering information and in house services such as medicines dispensing timeetc.

we ensureMaximum quality time is earmarked with our senior doctor for patients consultation, so that well prepared diagnosis, repertoire of basic dietary and life style based advises could be ascertained ,this helps doctor to fore tell approximate time frame and prognosis in each case  with reliable measures ,this foretelling is essential and unique to dr satsangis tm clinic in order to empower patient with better choice and informed decision making.

To predict the value more accurately ,our each team member understands the formulae given below



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