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Some reasons why so many people from around the world choose Dr. Satsangi’s Wellness Clinic for their medical care each year:

Top doctors

Dr. Satsangi’s Wellness Clinic chooses doctors carefully based on their educational background, their medical skills and their ability to work together. Because of the large volume of patients who come to our for care, our doctors quickly gain vast experience in treating every kind of illness. Few of them have become international experts. Dr. Satsangis system supports doctors by making it easy for them to work together and by providing the best personnel, facilities and technology to help them deliver the best care to every patient every day.

New treatments

A part of Dr. Satsangi’s Wellness Clinic mission is to continually look for new and better ways of doing things. Our patients are frequently among the first to benefit from new ideas pioneered by our doctors and quick learning from international research in homoeopathy. The emphasis on learning is what makes Dr. Satsangi’s Wellness Clinic is one of the leading centers benchmarking qualitative measures to other doctors.


Dr. Satsangi’s Wellness Clinic has earned a reputation for solving hard-to-solve medical problems based intensive expertise developed in last many years together with quick learning from world’s best in homoeopathy concepts. This is affirmed by the fact that more than 70 percent of our patients have been seen attached to our doctors before.

Many viewpoints

Dr. Satsangi’s Wellness Clinic system is built on working together: encouraging doctors to freely consult with each other about patients (which are why our doctors are called “consultants”). Patients do not get just one opinion at Dr. Satsangi’s Wellness Clinic; they get multiple opinions. The principle with us is two heads are better than one and five are even better.